DeShannon Barnes-Bowens

DeShannon Barnes-Bowens is the founder of ILERA and works as a psychotherapist, professional development trainer, and spiritual counselor. Through ILERA, she implements workshops and programs focusing on: sexuality and spirituality, sexual abuse, vicarious trauma, and wellness.

She received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Missouri – St. Louis and a Master’s degree in Counseling from Pace University. DeShannon is also an initiated priestess in the Orisa-Ifa spiritual tradition and an ordained Interfaith Minister through One Spirit Learning Alliance where she currently serves as Co-Director of One Spirit's Interfaith Seminary program.

How We Accomplish Our Mission

ILERA's programs received at:


Strengthens communities by providing professional training and educational workshops on sexual abuse, vicarious trauma, wellness, healing, and sacred sexuality.

Offers an empowering experience of counseling and coaching for people interested in spiritual self-development as well as healing for those impacted by sexual abuse and  vicarious trauma.

Increases public awareness of sexuality & spirituality, sexual abuse, vicarious trauma & wellness by providing educational material through ILERA's books, articles, and interviews.