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Interfaith Sexuality Discussion Series

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After the release of Hush Hush in 2007, ILERA founder DeShannon Bowens began facilitating more workshops on the intersection of sexuality and sexual abuse. In these gatherings, religion was often mentioned as a barrier to having honest discussions about sexuality without guilt or shame. Many people felt judged, wounded, and confused by various faith traditions.


As a result of these conversations, ILERA's Interfaith Sexuality Discussion Series was launched to ask the following questions:

  • What do the sacred wisdom and spiritual traditions say about sexuality?

  • Are teachings from sacred texts open & affirming or closed & repressive?

  • Is it possible to bridge the gap between spirituality and sexuality in a way that opens the door to living and loving ourselves as sacred creative people?


From November 2011 to November 2012, ILERA implemented and facilitated 6 exciting community discussions on sexuality and religion. We covered: Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Ifa-Orisa, Hinduism & Islam with amazing expert scholars and practitioners of each tradition.

ILERA's Interfaith Sexuality Events:


  • Promotes affirming spirituality teachings and an overall healthy holistic view of sexuality

  • Provides safe nurturing spaces for healing, wholeness & unity

  • Encourages people to discover what is true for themselves and live from that authentic place

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