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The Power of Transformation:

Identifying the Effects of Vicarious Trauma to Sustain Wellness

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The Power of Transformation: Training that helps staff to Identify

& overcome how vicarious trauma impacts your work.

Many counselors, advocates, and social service professionals provide a vital,
necessary service advocating for and helping children, adults, and families

who may have experienced: loss, neglect, abuse, or violence.


More often than not, the children and adults in these families also suffer from trauma. Over time, people in the helping profession are affected by working

with traumatized clients due to the heartfelt connection they establish with

those they serve.

The Power of Transformation helps us become aware of the ways we have been
affected by the trauma of people we care for. We engage in a learning process of
exploring methods to reduce stress and bring our lives back into balance.


This highly interactive training uses the following modalities:

  • Lecture/Presentation 

  • Discussion/Q&A

  • Personal Reflection

  • Dyad/Small Group Exercises

This training is offered for a half or full-day depending on your group or agency’s needs.

Learning Objectives

As a result of taking this training, participants will:


  • Learn what vicarious trauma is and the prevalence of trauma

  • Identify how vicarious trauma affects your professional and personal life

  • Learn wellness and self-care strategies to bring your life back into balance

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